Why Buffalo is the perfect vacation destination

Written by By Caroline Smith, CNN

In 2015, to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Toronto’s historic Exhibition Place became Canada’s first municipality to introduce the Montreal Convention Center.

The stunning building, designed by Toronto architect Marcel Lauzon, is an homage to the great 19th-century Montreal buildings made famous by shows and parades. The hulking building replaced the 1976 Convention Centre, which was demolished to make way for the new building.

1 / 9 – Love You Anyway: An Italian McDonald’s restaurant in New York City

The Italian McDonald’s and Italian dessert restaurant is unique in the city, and is a definite meeting point for New Yorkers and Italians.

While there are usually lines at the front of the Museum of Modern Art to catch the noon L train to lower Manhattan, but sometimes there are lines at the tony restaurants around the museum for a bite to eat. CNN traveled to Manhattan to find out why.

The mall has been the subject of controversy in recent months. In December, the parent company of the Canada pavilion at the Venice Biennale announced it had fired its British director, Nancy Holt, calling her “an unhappy participant” in the controversy. Holt has been in town since early March to get the Canada pavilion up and running at the Biennale.

Stuff we love and don’t love about Buffalo

In downtown Buffalo, the former auto plant that now houses the Fox Performing Arts Center is where days (or evenings, depending on who you talk to) typically begin and end.

It seems to be a frequent meeting place, a hub of activity for families and busy professionals.

In April 2016, visitors to the Fox Performing Arts Center filed into the Hall of Science to hear the rocker Greg Allman and others perform the first performance by the Allman Brothers Band since 1973.

Shopping in Buffalo has a good mix of items (or “comfort foods”) that can be purchased in a variety of ways.

We were particularly impressed by the selection at Schiller Court, where the size of the produce boxes makes it easy to find items.

Buffalo is an ideal vacation destination for those who enjoy the outdoors — while there’s a lot of snow here, it’s manageable, and the weather is mild enough for weekend trips.

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