Ethiopia air carrier 'trafficked arms'

Ethiopia air carrier ‘trafficked arms’

BBC Africa (Photo: Tim Gates/BBC) Ethiopia will face weapons charges for the first time after a report revealed that the country’s flag carrier transported arms into conflict areas. The report, carried by the Mail…

Sold: All of WE Charity's real estate for $68 million


Sold: All of WE Charity’s real estate for $68 million

Written by Margee Ensign, CNN Two properties where WE Charity, an organization that works with children affected by HIV and AIDS, is based recently sold for $36 million, according to the group. The real…

Bangladesh Rohingya refugee island 'faces safety issues'


Bangladesh Rohingya refugee island ‘faces safety issues’

Image copyright AFP Image caption Humanitarian workers are worried about the quality of housing available to the Rohingya The International Committee of the Red Cross says there are “serious problems” with the construction of…

Inside New York’s dazzling holiday windows


Inside New York’s dazzling holiday windows

New York’s window-dressing tradition continues on Lower Fifth Avenue with displays from Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s. The biggest U.S. stores are reviving the look of 1950s storefronts, transforming windows into…