How bad are U.S. penalties for drone violations?

Have you flown in the past couple of years? If so, it probably didn’t matter. Our new transportation technology, autonomous flight, most of us simply are aware of none of the unpleasantness, or perhaps none of the fun, of spending precious time in seclusion. But our blind faith in machine technology has been strained this week by news that United, in response to the ongoing FAA investigation into its three drone violations in a month’s time, had summoned two of its own pilots back for an on-the-spot investigation of this little mishap.

Speaking of FAA fines, just what is the final cost of flying drones without a license? A pathetically low sum. Here’s the Dallas Morning News’s Chris Clark on the topic.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced the maximum civil fine of $10,000 on Friday for a Raleigh-based engineer who used a remote-controlled helicopter to fly his vehicle into commercial aircraft at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in May 2015.

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