Charles W. Sifford Legacy Award to honor trailblazing golfer in Baltimore

Award: The Charles W. Sifford Legacy Award — “A lasting reminder of the forward-looking vision and artistic dynamism of the African-American golfer and trailblazer Charlie Sifford.”

Created: Will be presented in memory of Charlie Sifford, a two-time PGA Tour winner and influential trailblazer for African-Americans in golf who passed away in December 2016.

Stated purpose: Award will recognize a trailblazer of greater significance in moving the game forward through teaching, research and creative endeavors.

Membership: Long waiting list

Honors: Charles W. Sifford Legacy Award is presented to individuals who exemplify strong leadership, integrity, and vision, as well as enduring influence in advancing diversity in golf, as was Charles W. Sifford.

The Charles W. Sifford Legacy Award will be created annually in honor of the legacy of Charlie Sifford, an African-American trailblazer in golf who is best known for his “Monday Drive” event, and he will be honored posthumously at an awards ceremony.

The Charles W. Sifford Legacy Award’s qualifications as a laureate include:

Facetious, high-caliber accomplishment.

Total impact on golf through influencing others to engage in positive social practices or committed activations and events.

Longstanding long-standing volunteer profile in the golf community.

Establish a presence in a generation that is more knowledgeable and active with golf than is perhaps any previous generation.

Considerable prominence, solid reputation in and out of golf

Efforts related to or to benefit economic development and philanthropic pursuits.

Proven or demonstrated accomplishment in a visible role with a reputable organization.

Recipient must have advanced golf’s reputation for inclusiveness to golf in the United States

Recipient will be named for the late African-American golf course architect, who continues to be an inspirational force in the game

Past awardees

1951 Frederick Russell

1964 Denzel Washington

1970 Farrington White

1980 Don Sutton

1991 Mia Hamm

1992 Albert “Toots” Hibbert

1993 Ken “The King” Oakum

1994 Arnie Graf

1995 Felipe Aguilar

1996 Ken Venturi

1997 Polly Wannamaker

1998 Charles Blair

1999 Fred Couples

2000 Billy Casper

2001 Michael Jordan

2002 Robert Allenby

2003 Derrick Rose

2004 Clint Eastwood

2005 Ali al-Hajj

2006 John Carlos

2007 Bryant Gumbel

2008 Brian Stuard

2009 Tiger Woods

2010 Brett Favre

2011 Michael Phelps

2012 Denzel Washington

2013 Steve Nash

2014 Joe Montana

2015 Peyton Manning

2016 Charlie Sifford

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