Britney Spears is selling virtual sleep-deprived hotel rooms on Instagram

Britney Spears is busy selling some virtual hotel rooms on her Instagram.

The singing superstar is slated to sell subscribers an item of vacation apparel this month on one of her social media channels, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. On Monday she posted a picture of a bikini bedazzled with a scrolling tab that advertised her new shirt. A few hours later, she uploaded another shirt decorated with gems and a giant perfume bottle.

The WSJ said that the one-off lifestyle website for her young fans will be launched at an undisclosed time. A call to Spears’ publicist was not immediately returned.

The Journal said Spears planned to use the platform as an “advanced brand extension.” Its terms will offer limited insight to her fans as to how it will operate, WSJ said.

The WSJ, citing people familiar with the deal, reported that she will get a pay cut to join the site. Previous lucrative deals were scrapped last year in favor of what the paper called “premium-quality branded entertainment experiences that protect the purity of her personal brand and ensure privacy for her children.” The site won’t be called “The Britney Store,” as some online reports had claimed, WSJ said.

Spears’ family has been the focus of enormous public attention in recent years, thanks to an extreme mental health crisis involving her father in 2017. Her custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline came to a head when she lost her ability to continue to parent her children. Her second husband, Kevin Federline, has six sons of his own, and, like Spears, has a history of emotional outbursts.

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