A few weeks in shelter after the rain | Earth Unharmed

My apartment smells great. The day after the Storms ended, I had a chat with my landlord about taking down the towels and vacuuming my shitty carpet. My apartment smell like treasure – freshly rubbed cleaning products – and cinnamon from the bar drying air. I was SO excited. I feel so much happier than I was before my storm. Next week, everything will be new and amazing.

I went to bed in the dark. I woke up in the morning without a jacket, without much of a coat and all the indoor smells felt… weird. It felt extra peaceful, a light breeze blowing up my throat, walking and singing outside the door.

I removed the carpet and dirty towels from the couch cushions, laid the carpet out over the wooden floors, vacuumed it in half and my apartment smelled so clean I felt crazy clean.

The angels of shelter that weren’t looking over my rain wouldn’t have saved my apartment. But, there was this other week a tornado followed me all over the place and that was such a nice surprise because I usually avoid big storms that way I was traumatized from them, but I can’t help but enjoy this storm now.

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