WCBS Radio’s Anna Von Siemens On ‘General Hospital’ Writers Firing Actors For Not Practicing Polio and Other Scandals

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The WCBS News Radio reporter opened up and explained how several ‘General Hospital’ actors have quit over the AMC’s mandatory vaccination mandate.

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“How have these actors suddenly quit General Hospital in the middle of the flu season?”

“General Hospital has given actors so many opportunities. They have given Lisa [Nevin] so many scenes where she’s played a wonderful character like they did with her.”

“For them to get the option of quitting and to suddenly give their notice at this time with the flu season is really a shock to me.”

“Let’s talk about the children because I think the Legionella is of great concern… which is what this CDC report focuses on. With all the stories we have heard with measles and whooping cough, it is particularly concerning that CDC has the Legionella as a vaccine preventable pathogen. I just think we should not forget, and see this as an opportunity to set some things straight with regards to Legionella.”

“The Legionella… what people have to remember, Legionella is a virus. It can kill you. It’s one of the major preventable causes of Legionnaire’s disease. It is real and it can kill people.”

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