Transforming Girls’ Voices into Action

Listen to all your favorite podcasts and, perhaps, most importantly, take action. It is possible that, perhaps you heard a sign put up and didn’t think anything of it, but not long after, you took a look and thought of a way you could change it. The news never stops, and so the Facebook posts are long-running and incomplete.

Editor’s note: Oct. 2 marks the international Day of the Girl. It is meant to inspire awareness about adolescent girls’ role in solving society’s problems, and inspire volunteers to learn more about the issues facing adolescent girls around the world.

Across the globe, there are some incredible services to support the girls in your life. International Alert, for example, partners with Malala Fund, the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, and the Global Partnership for Education and has helped spread and protect the End Militarization of Schools initiative, which is an international movement to end mass military recruitment of adolescents through awareness, education, and non-military service in schools and universities.

To learn more about International Alert and to find out how you can help girls, check out this page.

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