Toronto man arrested for sexually assaulting woman at church multiple times over 3 years

A 52-year-old Toronto man was arrested Saturday and charged with sexually assaulting a woman at a church in North York multiple times between 2013 and 2018. The alleged assaults were caught on surveillance video.

The accused, Lawrence Perger, has been charged with sexual assault with intent to commit sexual assault, sexual assault, sexual assault with intent to commit an indictable offence, sexual assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, assault with a weapon causing bodily harm, and forcible confinement.

The alleged incidents occurred at the Toronto National Mission on Macleod Tr., according to police. The incident took place in 2013, in 2015, in 2017, and between May and July of 2018. The victim, who was not physically harmed, is in her 50s.

Toronto North Area Command Insp. Antony Lindsey said that the investigation into the incident will likely continue into the summer.

Perger remains in custody. His next court appearance is scheduled for June 27.

Read the full story at the Toronto Star.


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