Sold: All of WE Charity's real estate for $68 million


Sold: All of WE Charity’s real estate for $68 million

Written by Margee Ensign, CNN Two properties where WE Charity, an organization that works with children affected by HIV and AIDS, is based recently sold for $36 million, according to the group. The real…

30 best train journeys in Asia


30 best train journeys in Asia

Free travel countries allow for their citizens to travel abroad for free, which means they don’t have to be able to afford it Asia is known for many things – trade, sophistication, exotic food…

Putting the 'n' in 'naughty'


Putting the ‘n’ in ‘naughty’

You used to need to fill out and send in complaints online. Every week, we received approximately 15 new complaints. And, it seemed only 3 of those complaints got a response. Then we launched…

Photo of the Day: Science by way of artwork


Photo of the Day: Science by way of artwork

By Tipper R. Pamment / GeekSci, October 20, 2016 “What happens when you cross the lines between art and science?” That’s the question asked in Karan Bilimoria’s new book of short essays on world-changing…