Speak Up, America! Fight Back!

The American public and members of Congress are in the midst of a debate about a presidential and congressional investigation of Donald J. Trump, the country’s president. The battle goes on without resolution, but the time to act is here: Mr. Trump’s investigation has just entered a crucial phase, and there is a window of opportunity for more decisive action. Mr. Trump’s personnel in the White House and on Capitol Hill and in the private sector have been busy creating various kinds of smoke from mirrors to justify the president’s suspicious actions and alleged obstruction of justice. They should confront that construction with far greater transparency. That way, more comprehensively, America will know whether wrongdoing has occurred.

President Trump’s political survival and political prospects, to the degree he enjoys any, depend on the veracity of this investigation. Those that have stood on the sidelines — those trying to focus attention from the investigations and who believe that, in this partisan era, the president or his administration will prevail no matter what is found — should start taking action to prevent obstructions of justice, whether related to the president or his people.

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