Putting the ‘n’ in ‘naughty’

You used to need to fill out and send in complaints online.

Every week, we received approximately 15 new complaints. And, it seemed only 3 of those complaints got a response.

Then we launched the Fixer tool. Every week, we receive roughly 15 complaints with an average resolution time of about one hour.

We implemented a Fixer representative at the bottom of each complaint, who can answer your question right away. They can also help you escalate a complaint up to a supervisor. And if that supervisor has a problem with the complain, she can direct her to a manager, who can help resolve the issue.

The goal is to make complaints easier to file, easier to follow up and easier to resolve.

So what is next for 311?

We’re not ready to announce any additional improvements just yet. But what we have already is getting better every day.

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