CNN Heroes: The Unsung Heroes of the World Finalists

Written by By Gina DiGrazia, CNN

There are surprises at the top of the CNN Hero finalist list — there’s one who was told by his doctors that his life was winding down and that his life could be ending as a result. There’s also one who is making a difference with a better way to keep the art of dentistry accessible to all. And one who is a Yemeni refugee who had to flee from his home to avoid fighting and finding himself in need of help.

But while there is lots of good to be found, it all goes to show the serious work being done to give a better life to those in need around the world.

Despite coming from a poor background in a small village, Tabazadeh Ali el Saadi co-founded Sanaria , an electric car charging station company based in Dubai. His business model, which uses electricity generated from the wind and the sun, has allowed him to produce over 13,000 units since its launch in 2010, using a technology that was never technically possible before. This means that millions of lives have been improved by being able to keep clean and running electric cars that previously were in short supply.

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