Château de la Dauphine: The world’s finest superyacht for sale

Written by Staff Writer at CNN London, April 27, 2020

The days of mainsail dry cleaning and door-to-door furniture delivery are fast fading, replaced by haute couture yacht life at the forefront of modern luxury.

Today’s superyachts are far more advanced and sophisticated than those designed in the ’80s. Many adhere to strict “AQUACE” standards for safety and functionality, including aerodynamics and hull structure.

Thanks to the development of onboard world record-holding art collection space Two Eleven, guests can expect to have the time of their lives when they’re on board.

Zurich-based art dealer Sonja Robinson also has her work on display in The Vault Room , a private wine cellar. The room is booked out until 2019

Current superyacht newbuilds are equipped with a full complement of luxury features such as cinema, gym, spa and seclusion. The ultimate private island suite is in the words of The Lombard, at Seabourn Quest , on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera.

On top of this a luxury “beverage carrier” is fitted into each superyacht so clients can fly in premium drinks from onboard bars without leaving the boat. Such ships, however, with 12 cabins in total, can be extremely pricey.

While most superyachts already adhere to high-end standards, there are those that fly directly into the top rank.

Swiss-based shipbuilder Lurssen, the makers of ultra-luxurious Seven Seas Mariner , comes up trumps with a purpose-built yacht. Its solitary passenger, being the company’s founder Hannelore Westerhoff, can rest in her private cabin on a rotating table, 6 meters below ground. The full-time occupant is virtually sheltered from the elements, an impressive reality in today’s ever more precarious climate.

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