Bryson DeChambeau once made a sharp point about Brooks Koepka on Twitter — and now they’re Ryder Cup rivals

It was an internet meme that spread around the world.

When Brooks Koepka won the PGA Championship earlier this month, one Twitter user decided to take it from there:

Anyone know how to make a better swing? #cbhouston #playman #bdctex — Makka (@dollulsomething) August 14, 2017

While this Vine video will not strike fear into the hearts of Koepka’s teammates, it gave the leader in the PGA of America’s election vote an out.

Doug Ford, who received a nearly four-vote lead over DeChambeau, then sent out a tweet showing a proper swing of his own.

And then DeChambeau ripped open Koepka’s crime sheet:

What the f— — Bryson DeChambeau (@BrysonDeChambeau) August 28, 2017

Yes. She was very pointed.

In the next few days, the debate took a different twist when the memes proved to be the height of the Ryder Cup debate.

More words, please. 👽 #PGACHAMP @ColbertReport — Ryder Cup 2020 (@RyderCup2020) August 27, 2017

It’s widely presumed that the two men on either side of the aghast Twitter exchange — DeChambeau and Koepka — will both serve on Team USA when golfers will begin a 48-hole session on Sept. 28 in France.

According to BookMaker, DeChambeau is an 8-to-1 underdog for the final match in France, while Koepka is a 7-to-1 favorite.

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