Best tech gifts that aren’t gadgets

Written by By Remi Guli, CNN San Francisco, California

Are you looking for a little help choosing a gadget gift?

Not sure if to get a gift for your co-worker’s hard drive or a blank CD or a new smartphone? Well there’s no need to go the low road — the Best Tech Gifts that Aren’t Gadgets is here to save you the trouble. From the foodies to the bookworms, the fortunate with an eye for design have a wealth of items on offer — in an unexpected selection.

From on-demand pickup to packing help, these tech items may not be that exciting to buy for your tech obsessed family, but the selection is too wide to be ignored.

Check out our gallery of the best tech gifts that aren’t gadgets.

Made From #NotGadgets If you feel like giving the gift of creativity, then these USB-powered LED lights from Colored Light are our answer. In the same way as high-tech, wearable cameras and smart watches, the lights transmit light into the house so that your household is as radiant as your most creative screen. Available for $199, [ p {

1000 Words From CuteMelons One of the more unusual gift options for the bookworm on your list, if your reader likes children’s novels and burritos, then there’s a CuteMelons book called “FULL STEAM AHEAD: A Chef’s Tour of South LA,” in which New York chef Adam Fleischman travels through the City of Angels to teach his young charges about food — and grit. £28, [ p {

John Varvatos for Zazzle

A Fashio Nots Gift Collection That’s Chic For Mom This chic-looking gift basket is sure to make any bohemian-dressed mum feel at home. Out of range, but if your mum loves fashion she can add the $59 (GBP40) V.S. Prada shoe and $74 (GBP50) Christopher Kane clutch. [ p {

Adidas x Madewell Collection

Amazon Dash Button Marked with the adidas x Madewell capsule on Amazon for just $0.99, the versatile button works like a tablet cover for your wardrobe. It’s perfect for the working woman on-the-go who’s often on the go and wants to quickly find the essential items, like toothpaste, her toothbrush, deodorant and her favorite lipstick. Available for purchase now. [ p {

Goodwill: Nautica + 20 Years of Iconic Grunge Graffiti PHOTO: Getty Images

Throw Back to Trash: Nautica: 20 Years of Iconic Grunge Graffiti PROJECTION DESIGN PHOTO / TALKE BLOMBERG 060513

There are other tech-free gift ideas for the tech-loving bookworm on your list, not only for the knowns but the lesser knowns. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the lesser known types of tech gifts.

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